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Yeah, I’m still adding.

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Can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. It’s almost perfect.

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zomg i love all the german music on gizzie’s playlist.

I made a spotify playlist just for Guy, so far: RA Playlist - Guy

I couldn’t find all of the songs, but I found about 98% of them.


Richard Armitage Playlist Project!

Thank you to everyone who participated! It was so interesting to see which songs everyone picked for each of Richard’s characters. There’s a great variety of genres (there’s K-pop in there too, at least I think it’s K-pop? I liked it…) I really enjoyed listening to each playlist and added a lot of new songs to my own collection, so thank you for sharing. (BTW, the ‘sexytimes’ playlist is over four hours long, ladies, so get busy!)

In the full playlist each song is noted with the tumblr username of the person who chose it, so feel free to check out their tumblrs! And now without further ado…

Lucas North

Guy of Gisborne

Sexytime with Richard!

* Due to time zone differences and tumblr tag difficulties, I may have missed someone so if your name is not listed below please send a link of your post to my ask box so that I can include your songs in the playlists.

dessine—moi-un-mouton (original post for anyone else who wants to join in), playazindaback, con4cyn, natcrawlers, ryxp, minimallywiththetimes, thefrencharmitagearmy, joey-murderdoll, gadomingo

Very nice compilation! I’m glad I was able to contribute some. :)

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And someone already made an RA vid for it, of course!

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More like John Bateman’s theme.

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ohne dich bin ich nichts: RA Playlist Project


dessine—moi-un-mouton’s awesome idea

kindermachenzeiting lol

Closer - Nine Inch Nails (I guess this was expected of me? haha)
Risingson - Massive Attack
I Like - Keri Hilson
Miami 2 Ibiza - Swedish House Mafia
Courtship Dating - Crystal Castles

Lucas North

Touched -…

Great musical taste. VAST. VERY nice. Finish Robin Hood! I have so much Guy love it hurts.

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For dessine—moi-un-mouton

Sorry, I’m not putting together full playlists. I’m just posting what songs come to mind. I might post a full list later.

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It recalls Guy’s obsession with Marian.

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I got into this song at the same time as watching Robin Hood, and I always think of Guy strutting around on that horse with that smirk on his face. lol

I also think the Fleetwood Mac sampling is awesomely medieval sounding.